What's 36 01 V??

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acetaminophen / paracetamol

well its true that the 2 are used all over the world......  but the two countries that use it the most is the USA and Germany. America uses acetaminophen and Germany uses paracetamol more than any other. which by the way is over the counter ....  # 1 Liver Killer in the world today bar-noneCry so with that said and a known fact.......    we have to be very carefull in the MG'S in our Meds !!!

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If the powers that be don't cease cigarette sales, they're not going to halt the sale of narcotic combination products either. There is simply too much money to be made. It's a racket.

If doctors are limited to prescribing pure opioids, the abuse potential of the medications will skyrocket. At least the APAP component makes people think twice.

By they way, paracetamol has an EXCELLENT safety record. It's only mentioned because of celebrity drug abuse, and few hundred cases of acute liver failure it causes every year in the U.S.A. .

In the grand scheme of things, that's only a "drop in the pond," so to speak.


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How type A! Taking the time to distinguish Norco from Vicodin seems akin to informing someone they're ingesting Pepsi Zero instead of Diet Pepsi. 

I recall a hydrocodone bitartate version manufactured by King Pharmaceuticals that featured only 400mg of APAP.  Did that have a fancy unique name as well, my collegial cohort?

And by the way, doesn't the lack of a single, seamless identification protocol available to the general public for identifying meds by imprint and description contribute to the mystique and intrigue of controlled substances to the proletariate?

Keeps the whole endeavor sexy for the rest of the elitist sophists I say lmao!  

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but seriously kids

Hydrocodone preparations are indicated for use in acute circumstances generally; so if you find yourself regularly tip-toeing around 4000mg of acetominophen from day-to-day, it might be time to talk to your doctor.

Opiates are available in a wide array of preparations that do not include analgesics, (oxycontin, MScontin, Duragesic, morphine, hydromorphone,etc), so forget about big brother playing passive aggressive parent yanks lol.

Cirhossis can develop from a myriad of stimuli so where were you going with that?

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Me, a LE agent?

What kind of $@*# would ever think that me, Gaucho, was anything of the kind? I am a chronic pain patient who was a recreational drug user since his early years. What on earth would make anyone even think such a thing? I have 16 convictions under the Misuse of Drugs Act (yes, I am Scottish,  from the country presently known as the UK, but myself, I am a nationalist...

If there is one thing I detest it is the drug laws. I believe in an individual's right to choose what they introduce to their body. I also detest LE as they have made my life an effing misery for years. All I am trying to do is to treat my pain and my GAD/thanatophobic panic disorder better than my useless doctors. I have never dealt in drugs or anything like that, all my convictions are merely for possession without a valid prescription.

Whoever suggested this ridiculous idea, might I say that you obvioisly haven't been around the forums for long and have no idea of my conditions or my views. I resent your implications and woukd appreciate an apology. I do not know how this old post escaped my attention. But no post such as this has a time limit when you sully my good name as you did.

Yours in as close to anger (something I don't normally have at all) as possible,


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You are absolutely wrong, lickpow

Lets just pretend that you you have chldren, and while going through their bags, you come across a pill you never seen before. What are you going to do then? Ask the child what the pill is? I'm sure the child will be completely truthful to you (I say in a sarcastic voice)

You have 2 whole posts here. Maybe you should read the rules again, or, as much as I hate to sound like a *^!&, find somewhere else to post. This board was created over 10 years ago, and it was always had the same goal in mind: to help people understand what type of pill they have that they have either forgotten about; or to help parents, or aunts and uncles nowadays, figure out what exactly the pill is that was found on said chld's possession.

lickpow wrote:
Anyone who needs a pill book to identify a pill for self purpose most likely has a drug problem of sorts

That statement that I quoted shows that you believe that all people on this board are drug addicts looking to seeif the pill they got from a street chemist is legit. When I first started, I assumed the same thing for about one day, and realized that our job, which we volunteer to do here on Pharmer, is not to pass judgment on any person asking a question. Everybody deserves to know what they are ingesting- and no, we are not like Bluelight, who encourages drug experimentation. Our site is simply one that allows users to post their questions, and those of us who know what the imprint is, will answer when possible.

It is extremely, and ridiculously, assinine to assume that all people who have questions on here about a pill they found are drug addicts. Heck, I have found pills in my room; mainly Zoloft, but that goes to show that anybody can drop a pill and not remember what it looked like.

And as much as I hate to harp on someone on this site, I'm afraid that you deserve it, so I am going to lay into you about what you posted. At the end of the post you stated


And as it was stated here, never take a pill not meant for you

That statement above is very condescending. Where would you go to find out what pill your loved one is taking, assuming this site wasn't here? Flush it down the toilet? What if it was a heart pill?

In other words, think before you post. This is extremely unlike me to get so worked up over such a clearly uneducated post. You came in here with an accusatory tone, and assumed the OP was simply asking what type of pill her dealer gave her. This is a non-judgmental site. We try to help everyone. Does that mean that some kids may wind up here and identify their pill? Of course. Although that's not what our purpose here is, we are well aware that it happens, but those chldren deserve to know what they are ingesting prior to ingesting it.

We here at Pharmer do not condone drug abuse, drug experimentation, or the use of medication that is not yours- for any reason. We also are not a harm reduction site like bluelight is. We like to focus more on educating people about the different manufacturing logos that go onto each pill, as well as idenifying their unique numeric code.

So, if you wantto continue to bash people and accuse them of being drug addicts, your account will be banned, and blocked at the IP level. Doing a /release /refresh on your computer will not allow you to enter te site once you have been banned.

Again, please exercise caution when opening your mouth.

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Shortly after this was written, Knoll withdrew Dicodid from europe all together and since then, the USA has been the ONLY country in the world where hydrocodone bitartrate is licenced, either as an antitussive or an analgesic.

FYI, no, it was NOT a Schedule 2 drug at all - it was scheduled FOUR. After all, hydrocodone (more correctly dihydrocodeineone) bitartrate is a MILD opioid, being only 6 times potency of codeine. ORAMORPH solution, morphine sulphate 5mg/25mL plastic squeezy drinkable thingies, are NOT even a scheduled Controlled Drug, being comsidered too weak for that;  officiall, like codeine phosphate and dihydrocodeine tartarate, it is a schedule 5 drug, marked POM (Prescription Only Medicine) and not a CD of any schedule - only those of Sch 3 and above need any special storage or other regulatory matters, and only Schedule 2 drugs need be listed in the pharmacy's Controlled Drug register. There are two benzodiazepines in Sch 3 but which do not require any special storage or audit - midazolam and temazepam.

Hydrocodone was NEVER combined with paracetamol (acetaminophen) in any formulation outside the US. It was prescribed only in 10mg tablets as an antitussive, and was never licenced for analgesia, even though many people actually used Dicodid for that purpose.

I am currently involved in a university Group which is calling on the NHS to make hydrocodone available because as things stand, there is a huge gap between codeine/dihydrocodeine and the morphine salts which is not dilled by any analgesic of potency between those. As the codeines are around 40 x less potent than morphine and hydrocodone six times more potent than dihydrocodeine, it would go some way to filling the gap in mild opioids which now exists. One 40mg DF118 tablet is about as potent as a 7.5mg dosage of hydrocodone.

I certainly would not expect it, if licenced, to be scheduled any higher than 4, perhaps even 5, same as dihydrocodeine, as the lower strength morphine preparations are not scheduled any higher than 5. MST Continus (branded in some countries as 'MS Contin') is a Sch 2 med as are Sevredol and Vermor immediate release morphine from 10mg up to the maximum available strength of 60mg (blue) tablets. The only two OTC products containing morphine salts are Kaolin and Morphine mixture BP and J. COLLIS BROWNE'S mixture. Gee's Linctus is the onlt OTC opium available in the UK.

And Goat is now well aware (though for many years I never revealed my location online) I am NOT Canadian but Scottish!

It is classed as a MILD opioid suitable for mild to moderate pain and as an antitussive tablet - might I say one of the best I ever had, better than any liquid antitussive, being much less constipating than the Over the Counter Codeine Linctus (15mg/5mL); in tablet form, codeine salts are prescription only above 10mg, so anybody wishing higher strengths than thay without an Rx generally buys the Linctus, which needs no such thing. Dihydrocodeine is only OTC up to 10mg (most commonly seen dosage 7.5mg), same as any codeine TABLET, excluding the codeine LINCTUS.

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"   And Goat is now well aware (though for many years I never revealed my location online) I am NOT Canadian but Scottish!"


I have been very busy offline as of late..just read this.   We can see posters IP for security/ spam reasons.   BTW  your post had some good info tq sir