Please identify? Round #30 odd color?

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New here. Just hoping to get some insight as to what the heck these could be...I came accross them at my house but dont recell EVER seeing these before. The lacking of markings and my color blindness make it slightly hard to identify myself and my friends (how ever I love them) arent as smart as they think they are ;) Could anyone here please help? Much appreciated.

Rather thean trying to describe I have a photo that I uploaded to the site whem I joined a few moments ago. But how to I add it to this post?



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Round blue tablet "30"

Drug ID Bible lists a blue round tablet marked "30" as a morphine hydrochloride marketed by Valeant Pharma.  There is no image with this listing, so I am not saying that is what your tablet is.  But, it may be an info lead you could look into.

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Strange coloured 30mg tablet

These do NOT look anything like Valeant's morphine sulphate 30mg IR tablet at all. I believe I contributed an image of one of those several years ago!

The colour balance of the original photo might be a little 'off' - these look a little like Mallinckrodt's generic (they also make the '54 199' blue brand-name ROXICODONE) oxycodone hydrochloride IR tablet, USA-only, but the colour is more like the 15mg version and I seem to recall that the real ones have the Mallinckrodt 'Boxed 'M' logo on the obverse side; these also look proportionally thicker than Mallie's 30mg BLUE tablet.

I would hazard a guess that they are counterfeit 30mg oxycodone HCl tabkets, but I suggest that you invest in a set of 'EZ Tests' (Google them) which are specifically designed for opiates. The ones you are looking for require precisely 20mg of the tablet matter and contain both Marquis and Mecke reagents, with a useful colour chart which can define the purity as well as identify the API content. (Purity to within +/- 10%).

Simply looking at a photo which may be in a slightly false colour due to the light source and the white balance setting on the camera doesn't exactly help in proper identification. You do not say what they were purporting to be, or did you not know?

Try using both ID and Purity tests which can be found at EZ's website.