soon new topical anti-inflam / muscle relaxor

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Just a Question...

but wouldn't using an alcohol swab and then letting it dry before application take care of that?

P.S. Btw, I wasn't trying to be a smart xxx or contradict you at all cgm. Just an honest question lol. Reread that and could see how it could be taken differently. You can't hear the tone of someone's voice through text, so you never really know exactly how they truley feel, or whether or not they are being sarcastic (Unless they have a way to use a backwards question mark called a percontation point lol). Just thought I might clear the air.




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@ A mom, clarifying what I said

A mom, It was VERY easy to see by the way you wrote what you did that you WERE using the cream under your doctor's supervision. I never thought there was anything even remotely 'shady' as far as what you were doing. I quoted the poster sunrisedusk and her reply because of what it contained. I DID put her name and it came up as highlighted when I copied/pasted, but since my Vista requires using compatibility view in order for me to post, it disappeared when I submitted mine. Hopefully this clears that up if you thought I was referring to anything you wrote, because I wasn't.Smile 


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@ A mom

Hey, just remembered you said your surgery was coming up, so thought I d check in and see how youre doing. I know I dont know you, but I said a prayer that your surgery went well and was successful. Hope youre well!

Also, if that cream is effective, Id like to hear more about your experience with it when/if you feel up to talking/typing about it.


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I dont know, I dont really

I dont know, I dont really think that sunrisedusk meant anything harmful or shady in her post either; if so, I missed it. She said," I've used a couple different topical compounds for my feet but am still searching for one that gives the best relief.

BTW, people can make home topical creams using cold cream and crushing either something like Soma or an opioid applied directly to the pain site."

vs. A mom saying: "I have been using "Soma cream" for years made at home with just Soma and at the compound pharmacy with ketaprophen(sp). I have also had one that had lidocane and diclofinac compounded as well as some others I can't remember for now. The reciepe for Soma cream is on here somewhere,"

Both were similar responses, and I assume, at the advice of their Dr.'s, so I cant say that I see any wrong doing here. Anyone? What am I not seeing?

Hope everyone's having a good night/morning, Ive missed yall!


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ok, long time ago I posted

ok, long time ago I posted this and forgot to follow up on it... The gel/cream is compounded there at my PM office and contains ketoprofen 20%, indocin 2%, baclofen 2%, and cyclobenzaprine 2%... pretty neat having all that in one rub. Seems to work quite well and quickly. So far so good with using it. Think this will replace the voltarin gel full time now..

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I've been using the Voltaren Gel for 3 years now and haven't had a bit of trouble with tolerance, irritation, stains, or ANYthing. I have osteo-a which my cancer hormone therapy has accelerated something fierce. This stuff, like Aaron said earlier here, goes on the spot and even into the spot. I'm sure that the cooling effect caused by the volatile evaporation of the isopropyl alcohol helps a bit but the anti-inflammatory action, for me, lasts up to 3 hrs. It is expensive w/out ins. but if you can afford it or get approved for it, I reccommend it . . . Q