Rx'd Nucynta along with Methadone

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240mg of methadone?

240mg of methadone? Usually doses of between 10-40mg are used in the managment of chronic pain. The literature indicates that 120mg is the maximum recommended daily dose for pain...

FYI- Accounting for incomplete cross tolerance, that's the equivalent of ~570mg oxycodone oral per day, or 855mg of oral morphine.

Have you had any tolerance issues yet?

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 I'm new here but have been dealing with chronic pain from a car accident 5 years ago. it's all back pain have several problem areas in my neck to mid back it starts at T3 and goes to L2 I have been on every opiate there is now I'm on oxycontin 8 80mg a day.  I was taking methadone 10mg  a total of 20 pills a day. my pmd just brought up the nucynta and I am Leary to try first before much is know about it i have been searching on-line and haven't found much then i found this site and someone said that for [filtered word] the accepted max dose is 120mg a day i am way over that  what gives i do take vary high doses but I'm never sick or out of it I've been with the same doctor the whole 5 years i wasn't worried i trust my doc but now i am. please help also iam vary young i was 23 when the accident happened and am now 27. thanks for info

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For MattMason: Hi. This is my first time writing, because I was concerned about my sister and her drug use. From what little I know, she was on Vicodin for a long time, years. Her doctor just switched her to Nucynta. I looked it up, and yes, it does have opiods and non-opiods. But it is being used to wean folks off the Vicodin. I guess then they'll have another problem to face; I don't know.   Just google Nucynta, and you'll find lots of articles on the stuff. Personally, since my dog got cancer two years ago--and after seeking out the Western way we've been taught--we starting using homeopathic channels to treat her, she is cancer free, going on two years in March!!!!!!!! BABY GOT CURED IN ONE AND A HALF MONTHS!!!! Unbelievable, huh?     That might be the way. Look for homeopathic channels. The other ways are killing us and destroying our immune systems--do you think its any coincidence that healthy beings are getting cancer and other diseases at such a rate (like Baby, my beautiful Sheltie). Check it out on google--I'm enduring something major, and I'm getting help through homeopathic channels.  Cool

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welcome concerned

you might want to check the original post dates when responding to a poster , they come and they go


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I have been on pain meds for over 5 years. Been on almost everything... Then my pain got a tad better. So we slowed down on the meds and swiched to nucynta as my only pain killer. I was freaking out because I did not want to be on a new drug that had no info what so ever on it. ( wll for te most part) Started on 75 mgs ever 4 hours.. Slowly they increased me to 2 100mg tabs evey 4 hours.. My prob is that ppl all over the place say it x*#& for pain relief.. Well I am here to beg a differ! I works great. Does make me sleepy and is a very strong pain pill! Not a headache yet BTW. So I say its great and works great!

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I'm new to this site,  have been using Ultram 50mg x 10 or so daily over the course of 14 years or so.   I have always done well with Ultram,  I liked the way it just seemed to seperate my headfrom my shoulders and in so doing,  seperated me from my pain, however, like any drug, over time you begin to either need more or something stronger.    My MD. said since it was not working as well any more, I needed to see a Pain Management Dr. for stronger meds.

Now me personally, after 14 years or Ultram, when I would run out, the withdrawl symptoms where unbearable!   I wonder, does anyone else suffer withdrawl from Ultram?

Anyway, the PMD prescribed me  NUCYNTA 50mg 3 times dailey along with LYRICA 50mg.

The most pain I had was the price for this stuff!!!  You could buy a BUCKET full of OXCOTIN or any other type of LORTAB or PERCODAN!   I have been using it for 3 days now and I am NOT impressed at all,   This stuff seems really weak, ( despite the Doctors opinion) it only seems to relieve my pain for about 10 or 20 minuets and then i'm back to hurting.

I am NOT a thrill seeker, i'm 54, and in severe back pain due to a nearly fatal car accident, but if I were a thrill seeker, I would not recomend NUCYNTA to anyone, it wouldn't get a fly any relief

After this scrip runs out I am going to ask for anything else, like LORTAB or the like, because I can't even afford this stuff, mine was a $50. COPAY,   to those who use Methadone, can you tell me how much it costs and is it any good?

Thanks for your input



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Nucynta and Methodone

I've had 3 spinal fusion surgerys (with cages and screws), so I feel qualifed to speak to this topic.  Oxycotin and Loratab along with several other antinflamitory drugs was the normal breakfast, lunch, and diner for me for years.

The shooting pain slowly came back into my legs and back above and below the fusion sites. It seemed as though their really was nothing that was going to help me, at 38yrs old it looked pretty grim for me.

I switched from a neuroligst to the actual guys that did the surgerys and they did what they called a medication rotation. They switched me over to 100mg Nucynta for the back pain and methadone 110 mgs for the legs pain. Methadone has 3 other chemical ingrediants that [filtered word] doeas not, and one of those clings to the nerve endings for your legs.

Almost at once the leg pain was nearly gone, and the methadone took care of all the withdrawl misery from the oxy's. Then my back pain over a week or so began to improve dramaticaly.

I can't say enough about the combination and how it helped me regain a large part of my quality of life.  But if your just looking to get high off your pills you can do better.

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"Methadone has 3 other chemical ingrediants that [filtered word] doeas not, and one of those clings to the nerve endings for your legs." said tipuptramp.

You seem to be confused.  Methadone is Methadone, there are no other "3 ingredients".  The nerve thing in your legs sounds like you may be refering to Methadone's effect on the NMDA receptors, which can help relieve nerve pain.

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Nucynta with other stuff

Hi all, I'm new to the forum & would like to ask about some things with my RX's. First off I just turned 36 this past November & was hurt in 2003. Workmans Comp. still pays for my treatments & I haven't settled with the insurance company. My last doc had me taking 20mg Oxy twice a day with Percocet 5mg 4 times daily for the past 5 yrs to my recollection. This new doc however has me on 75mg Nucynta (I think once or twice a day. I'm not sure as I havent gotten the RX filled yet.), Omeprazole DR 20mg / twice daily, Meloxicam 15mg / once daily, Tizanidine HCL 4mg / four times daily, Gabapentin 300mg / 3 times daily, & Trazadone 50mg / once or twice at night.  I've had severe chronic back & right leg pain for the past 10 years from disc herniations at L4-L5, & T11-T12. I even had a Microdiscectomy surgery in 2005 which didn't help the pain to my leg. I saw a table from an earlier post about bad combinations of meds with this Nucynta & alot of my RX's are in that list. What do you guys have to say about this? Thanks.

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Of course, most medicines will have some type of interaction with other medicines. Of your list, the biggest one is with Nucynta and Trazodone.

This is considered a major possible interaction, with serotonin syndrome being a possibility.

The interactions between Nucynta and gabapentin or tizanidine are considered as moderate. With the gabapentin it can be respiratory depression, with the tizanidine it is over sedation.

There aren't any interactions listed between Nucynta and meloxicam or omeprazole.

If you have concerns about taking certain medications together, you should discuss this with your physician. Though there are possible interactions, it does not mean that they will occur, but again, if you are concerned about any of your medicines, your physician is the best person to discuss it with.

Good luck.