New FDA approved usage of MDMA

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I can just see it , cgm . . .

If my Drs. had to write out the chemical name for every med they Rx me I'd not have the time to get the Rxs, lol . . . Q

Hiya MD, I see that you are a newbie on the board, have you been lurking long to form such a flourid opinion of one of our top posters? You must have read a lot of his detailed and, for me and others, extremely helpful posts. Your purple prose indicates a certain elevated sense of anger and not just at the poster but at the govt. in general. I do agree with you that under the guise of black ops the govt. has and will continue to do whatever it wants whenever it wants. That's what being top dog means so you'd best get used to it. As I read cgm's posts he was talking about the legit ops of the VA and was 100% right on about them. If you have a beef with the fact that the govt. is bigger and more powerful than you are I just don't know what to say . . . perhaps you could join the special forces and learn the deep truths they supposedly hold. But if the dude that shot Obama isn't gonna come forth, good luck in getting them to talk to you . . . Q

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 A poster with multiple ids has been banned,,, some posts are removed...topic is closed here.