need help new dr wont provide breakthrough meds

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Hello fent.  The board ran into bot spammers about a year ago and members must be added manually which really cuts off new members' joining.  I also have been on 4mg PD. Of xanax for about 10-15 yrs.  Tc

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If you find that the tapering is

Going too fast causing insomnia and restless leg etc, talk to your doctor about holding you at the current dose for an extra day or two....for some reason, doing that seems to give our bodies a chance to "catch up" , and deal with the reduction better, if you hold at a dose that is giving you a problem, only for a day or two, then resume the taper.

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RE:To no BT pain issue

   HI everyone! Great to see everyone (well,most of the people still here since ive last been on this site).I have been moving alot lately and since my uncles death ive kind of filled in as a "helper to my aunt" since shes all alone. But now that shes well,i have more down time on my hands to do some internet activity so ive reactivated my fb,twitter,and! ive missed this site as ive learned lots from it!

   However to the original poster,i was on opana ER 30MG twice daily and opana IR 5mg for breakthough pain with no problem ,i didnt even ask for breakthrough meds,it came standard" with chronic pain patients who were on Around-the-clock opiod analgesics...However due to some insurance red tape,etc..i was transferred to a different pain management dr in the same hospital and his regimen is methadone 10mg ( 2 tabs 3x a day..60mg per day ) and when i asked about breakthrough medication he said i would not recieve any b/c methadone apparently is the longest lasting and most potent opiod that can be Rx'd..i disagree with this because i was having much better results controlling my pain with opana..still he said no.well on my third time i explained how miserable i was and he added oxycodone (percocet) 10/325 twice a day...These DO work somewhat ,enough to keep me goin for a 16hr day but i dont think im getting the full benefit of the percocet bc i think the methadone"blocks" alot of it....i just try to make the best of it each day..ALEVE is also a very good SECONDARY BT pain med! LOL ...

 God Bless Everyone and have a Merry And Pain Free Christmas!Laughing

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fent and goat

 I too (i think i told you Goat A while back that yes i was on 4mg of xanax a day for the past 17 years (wow when you write it and look at it your like WHOA!!!! has it been that long? But yes same pharmacy,same #60 count of Greenstone tablets. lol...october was a very decent month for me ,so i decided to take 2mg during the day and only 1mg during night...the other mg went into a bottle marked rescue doses" Lol....

  Second week of october since i was not having ANY PROBLEMS i decided to cont taking 1mg at night like i was and ALSO go down to 1mg during the really i was only taking half of Rx'd better and i had a bunch of half tablets saved and felt good about myself as his motto on ANY med is "less is better" lol....This DID NOT WORK! After about 4 days i found my days to be ???$*! i was moody,agitated,the sunlight was bothering my eyes,loud knoises etc,mood swing,so i had to switch back...

i also found out from my neuro that when weaning off of xanax its a VERY LONG AND SLOW process...if your on 4mgs daily, you would deduct .5mgs every TWO WEEKS. Long right but im back to my normal dose not ready for this yet! lol