Watson Norco, any strength, in white tablet form now?

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Just an effort to revive some diecussion again, but I am curious how many of you who are on Norco, at any strength, have noticed that the color of the pill has changed.

Personally, I used to be on Norco 10/325 tablets, and they were always yellow tablets. However, a few months back, I noticed my once yellow tablets, with the Watson imprint on it, was white.

Now I am on 7.5/325 Norco tablets, and when they are filled at my regular pharmacy, the tablets are an orange color, and have the Vintage/Qualities imprint on them. However, a family member on the same drug who fills her rx at walgreens, receives white Watson tablets.

I'm not one who believes any generic is better or worse than any other, but I am curious if any of you who are rxd Norco have also noticed a change in color, and if so, have you noticed any product performance issues?


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I have gotten the white Norco

I have gotten the white Norco 10/325 in the past and didn't feel they worked as well as the yellow colored ones-might just be in my head...lol....that said, the white ones will dissolve in your mouth in seconds and hard to swollow without water near by (or at least the ones I had)-not sure what that means-but I still didn't feel the white ones worked as well as the yellow ones.

I only got them for 2 months before the pharmacy (I have used for the past 18 years) switched back to the yellow ones after many complaints from customers regarding effectiveness.