Valium vs. Soma

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 Off the top of my head and

 Off the top of my head and after reviewing the PI's of the most commonly Rx'd Benzo's (xanax, klonopin,  ativan, librium, restoril, and Halcion). Valium is the only Benzodiazepine that is both approved and indicated for the treatment of skeletal muscle spasm. Just because a benzo may relax you doesnt necessarily mean it is having a direct effect on relaxing skeletal muscles. Obvioulsy there is a difference between skeletal muscle spasiticity and muscle tension. Of course if your neck and shoulders are tense from being stressed, agitated or anxious something like Xanax may offer some relief simply by letting your mind and body relax.

 There are different types GABA receptors. Benzo's work on the GABAa receptors. Within the GABAa receptors there are subtypes that different benzo's attach to which gives you the different effects of benzo's, ie. difference between Restoril a sedative/hypnotic and Ativan an anxiolytic. Similar to how different opioids have different effects on the different opioid receptors.


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Thanks for saving me the time to explain all that, Solo.  You did a very good job giving a basic explanation of Benzodiazepine pharmacology.


Check out how the Benzodiazepine Quazepam (Doral) works on the GABA receptors.  It is a quite unique benzo.


This excerpt was taken from good ole' Wiki, but there are plenty of references to back up what is said :

-----     -----     -----     -----

Pharmacology of Quazepam----->


Quazepam is selective for type I benzodiazepine receptors containing the alpha1 subunit, similar to other drugs such as zaleplon and zolpidem.

--  --  --  --

As a result quazepam has little or no muscle relaxant properties.

--  --  --  --

Most other benzodiazepines are unselective and bind to type1 GABAA receptors and type2 GABAA receptors.

Type1 GABAA receptors include the alpha1 subunit containing GABAA receptors which are responsible for hypnotic properties of the drug.

Type2 receptors include the alpha2, alpha3 and alpha5 subunits which are responsible for anxiolytic, amnesia and muscle relaxant properties.[41][42]

Thus quazepam may have less side effects than other benzodiazepines but, it has a very long half life of 25 hours which reduces its benefits as a hypnotic due to likely next day sedation.

It also has two active metabolites with half lives of 28 and 79 hours.

Quazepam may also cause less drug tolerance than other benzodiazepines such as temazepam and triazolam perhaps due to its subtype selectivity.[43][44][45][46]

The longer half life of quazepam may have the advantage however, of causing less rebound insomnia than shorter acting subtype selective nonbenzodiazepines.[47][48]

However, one of the major metabolites of quazepam, the N-desmethyl-2-oxoquazepam (aka N-desalkyflurazepam), binds unselectively to both type1 and type2 GABAA receptors.

The N-desmethyl-2-oxoquazepam metabolite also has a very long half life and likely contributes to the pharmacological effects of quazepam.[49]



Take it easy everyone.

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Sometimes doctors are leary of prescribing Soma/carisoprodol because it is abused by itself and as a potentiator of opiates.  I have found that Baclofen is the next best thing and just about as effective w/out the stigma.  Both of these IMO are much better than any other muscle relaxers out there. My back seizes up from time to time and Soma is very effective at relieving this.  My Rx for Soma is one tablet 350mg as needed for muscle spasm x 30 a month.  Just thought I would add this as I read earlier in the post that it was only Rxd 3x a day.

Interesting post allgood. 

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re: coonhound

You know I didn't mean that is the only way it is prescribed.  I said it was the only way I have personally been prescribed it.  I don't think you meant anything by what you said.  I just wanted to clarify what I meant.


I wish I was still prescribed it, but no big deal.  I'm doing fine with Tizanidine for now.


Are you talking about post # 12 when you said "Interesting post"?  I'm kind of half-asleep, so please don't take this the post wrong way.

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I too am prescribed soma TID

I too am prescribed soma TID but before that was taking Zanaflex....  I had GREAT results with the Zanaflex but couldn't get over the side effects... bad dry mouth (made me snore even worse at night, wife didn't like that) and no matter how small I broke it, it knocked me out.. wife found me sitting in a chair with a mouth full of chewed pizza one night, out cold... scared me..  

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i get somas prescribed to me

i get somas prescribed to me to and i get 120 a month and thye wokr wonders wit my pain meds

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Actually Valium is the only Benzodiazepine that has been shown to have muscle relaxing properties, it is as well the most potent muscle relaxer  on the market.  Even though it's original and most often indication is for GAD (general anxiety disorder), acute alcohol w/d, and seizures.  Soma is available in both 250mg and 350mg dosages now.  Some isn't a true muscle relaxant in that it doesn't relax muscle directly in man, it's effects are shown at the cns relaxing level.  It is by definition, the second potent muscle relaxer on the market.  It's active metabolite is indeed Meprobamate (Miltown).  This why it is a very effective drug because it's anxialitic properties.  I've been prescribed both but nowadays dr.'s around my area are refraining from dispensing soma due to it's very addictive properties, even though it's not marketed as addictive nor is it a scheduled drug like Valium (diazepam) is C-IV.  I've had several different rx's for soma but the most common in pain  management is 1 tab. po QID prn for muscle spasm.  I've been rx'd soma 1 tab. po TID, then 2 tabs. po at hs. prn before which worked the best but that was temp anesthesiologist who gave me that.  Additionally, alot of dr.'s are limited in rxing any of the benzo's due to the parent pain med being used, (i.e. methadone, suboxone, fentanyl).  Hope this helps

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I know old thread...

10mg Valium vs. 350mg Soma. Valium wins marginally to me but only because since I am Rx'd Soma currently but was on Valium. The Valium was doubling as my PRN anxiety medication but now got changed to klonopin odt for PRN use (I know it's a bit unconventional but it works for ME). Soma is now my "back pain" medication. I use it in conjunction with naproxen or ibuprofen. It does work but not for very long. Pennies for Thoughts. I have a great relationship with my psychiatrist so I have his trust.

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I used to take soma TID(3 times per day)witha fourth at bedtime.I liked the Soma and was also taking Valium at the same time! Soma is good at first .However it wrecks havic on your liver and most doctors do not percribe Soma any longer.Soma does work for a short time,but after a few days it looses its strength.Like I said I also was given Valium but found out only a few drug stores would despence both Soma and Valium at the same time! In Mexico any drug store or food store has Soma for around $5.00 US money.Valium is used for a mussle relaxer and does a far better job than Soma.The sample packs when semi new about 1991 contained 4 tablets.I must insisit that Valium or Flexeral is by far a better choice! Also Roboxin(if still out there) is also a good one!  Flexaril works on the brain stem instead of being a CNS nerve depresent.As I stated Soma when taking with Norco or Vicodin  or Percocet gives you a warm light headed feeling for a few short days and  gets rid of the pain,but one tends to overdue things such as lifting and other tasks you should avoid.It sounds like you have a herneated disk around L5 S1 and should limit your normal daily routine till you report back to your Doctor and inform he or she how you feel both on and off Soma!!! Take care,Rocker Dan