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Is mentioned in the very first post, the actual guide, so to speak.  It's the brand name for Hydromorphone.  I don't think that too many folks that participate in this forum are using hydromorphone and the ones that are I don't think were mentioned so I see where you were curious about it.   There really isn't alot of discussion when it comes to Dilaudid only that the IV method is so much more powerful and relaxing that the oral method.

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hydromorphone IR compared to oxycodone 15mg every 4 hours

Since they changed the oxycontin ER "OC" to the oxycontin ER  "OP" , I was getting absolutely no relief and the dr. went from no extended  relief pills to just oxycodone 15 mg. one every 4 hours. But after building up a tolerance to the 15 mg of oxycodone, and I have tried all extended relief meds from Oxycontin  20 mg to Morphine sulfate 20mg to Opana to Ultram to Methadone to , you name it and I've tried it. Now they have taken me from oxycodone 15 mg, one every 4 hours to hydromorphone  4mg IR and it is like taking nothing. This is the generic drug from Mallincrodt, which I am beginning to realize that generics are just not comparable to the real , original medication. For instance, the 15 mg oxycodone from Qualitest works okay, but the 15 mg  KVK-T was once again a huge disappointment, because it was like taking a placebo of just a sugar pill. Also, the KVK-T 15mg. pill , upon placing it on my tongue tasted like coffee and  did not begin to even give a tiny bit of relief from the pain. I have tried every pain medication known to mankind, and since i have been in alot of pain for the last 37 years from losing my leg in a wreck when I was 19 years old, and the leg was torn off from my body, and the surgeons at the hospital that I was taken to was going to totally take my leg off, but luckily for me the dr. in the operating room had just come back from Vietman and he saved my life by giving me a stump that was extremely small but made it possible for me to have a prosthetic leg instead of having to live in a wheelchair for the rest of mylife. I have been a very active person for my entire life and still try to be as much as possile, but after 37 years of being so off kilter that my real leg needs a knee replacement and a new ankle, which means a wheelchair for 10-12 months. Of course no one would like this option. However, I know that this is going to happen one day and soon. Meanwhile , trying to control my pain has become like a job. And people that has never had pain, just don't understand that it makes for a bad "quality of life"  Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me, or any similar problems? If so, what have you done to help yourself ,or what has any dr. , or anyone  done  to  resolve your problems? If anyone out there has any answers or suggestions for me please respond.

This is a great place to get help and/or questions answered. Thanks , each and everyone of you, out there that has helped me and the many other chronic pain persons that have a hard time getting to dr's. and other appointments without having to sit in an environment, like a dr's. office where you more than likely get even sicker by sitting in the waiting area with all  the other kinds of illnesses.

But I was just wondering if anyone else can tell that the generic pain meds are so very different than the real original recipes  and how can we , the pain med patients, help convince the doctor's how we feel and not how the pharmacuetical reps and the pharmacuetical companies feel. All the phamacuetical companies care about is the money they make, not how good their product works. I have read where the FDA pass test that supposedly have been run properly, where in reality they are falseified reports, and they start selling the products before all of the proper channels are finished, let alone how these drugs may effect us and our unborn children in the future.

 I am greatly concerned for all of the people in the world who live with chronic pain and what the answer is for them. Everyone deserves a great life, with  a quality of life.

I could go on forever, but if anyone can help with any info, it would all be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, and enjoy your life,



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As to having a total knee replacement, that should not put you in a wheelchair. You can walk on a TKR the day of or the day after the surgery. I got up to the bathroom on the same day I had my knee replaced and was strolling around the ward the next day with crutches. I was using a cane at about 7 days, and didn't need any ambulatory aids by about 2 weeks.

TKR are designed to get you moving very quickly. So, if you are putting off having the knee replaced because you would be in a wheelchair, you should talk to your surgeon. You may need to be on a walker or crutches a little longer because of your prosethic leg on the other side, but since you are so used to using the artifical limb and crutches, you would probably do really well after surgery for a TKR. You have had a lot of experience with orthopedic surgeries already.

If you went to one of the big academic centers that do total ankles, you may even be able to have them done at the same time. It would not be the usual course of affairs, but since you have a unique situation with your other leg, they may be able to make special arragngements. I have seen both knees (or hips) done at the same time, and in special cases, and hip and knee done together. Surgeons don't really like to do two joints on the same limb at the same time, because it is a really hard to work on range of motion of two joints at the same time. And it is kind of difficult for the surgeon to balance two artifical joints at the same time. But, again, you can explore the options.

Also, maybe you could have them staged. Get over the knee surgey and then have the ankle done. Both can be walked on right after surgery. And again, you probably have a lot of experience on crutches, so that would not be a problem for you.

Hope you find a solution to your "good" limb problems. Good luck.


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oxycodone percocet

i had a liver test 3 months ago and had elevated enzyes took another one two weeks ago and they almost doubled , have been taking perccocet for 3 yrs doc swithced me ot oxycodone and i now have a HUGE  head ache  ,and am clamy is this normal

also i  told my doc next month i want to start weening off of this all together and have read all the post and am very scared


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No, this is not normal.  If the physician switched you to plain oxycodone, at the same milligrams as you were taking with the Percocet, you should not have noted any difference.  The reason for the switch was most likely to get you off the acetaminophen (Tylenol).  Acetaminophen can cause problems with liver functioning.

But, again, as long as you are still on the same amount of oxycodone, you should not be be having any problems with withdrawal type symptoms.  You should probably seek some other etiology for your headache and clamy feeling.  If the symtoms continue, you should contact your physician.

As to the weaning off of the opioids, if it is done in a slow taper, you should not have any problems with withdrawal symptoms.  But, if has to be done very gradually.  The usually recommended taper is to go down at a rate of about 10-20% of the dosage at a step.  And, to stay at that amount until you are comfortable, before taking the next tapering step.  This is something you need to discuss with your physician.  Again, as long as you go slowly with the taper, you can get off of the opioids very comfortably.  But, this can often take a very long time to do.  This is not a quick way to discontinue the medication.  Again, discuss it with your physician.



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opana er not working

i have been on opana er 10mg/12 hours for over a week now and they only work for about 4 to 5 hours at the most. i am not interested in insufllating them or injecting them because that is wrong and not the way they were prescribed. my pain management doctor gave me tramadol 50mg for breakthrough pain and those do not work either. i have to bulges in my L4 L5 discs and another bulge and degenerating disc in my c5 and c6 disc in my neck. the headaches the neck pain gives me are so bad i have to stop whatever im doing and vomit once or twice a week. can anyone please give me any suggestions as to what to do? do i need to switch medications or ask him to switch the dosage? and what about the tramadol? it doesnt help at all and i take 4 of those a day. i have all the mri's to prove this to him, but ive read online that doctors prescribe opana er to patients they think will try to inject it or [censored] it to deter them from doing that. i have no interest in doing that and ive been referred to so many different doctors and no one seems to give a care. i pray about my back and neck constantly and i have to believe God to heal me by going to the doctor. the only upside to opana i have noticed is that i dont feel messed up after taking them for the 4 or 5 hours of relief that i DO get. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Pain management


You need to make an appointment with your pain management physician and when you see him/her you need to discuss the fact that your pain is not being controlled. It is best to not approach a physician with requests for specific medications and/or dosages (they have been taught that this is a "red flag" for drug seeking). Medication can be discussed within the overall conversation, but the thrust of the discussion needs to be about your pain, and how it is affecting you and your life. You let the physician make the treatment plan, with your input.

Since every patient is unique and reacts to medications differently, the only way for you to determine if a specific medicine will work, is for you to try it and see how you do not the medication. You do have to give a medication a good try. Most physicians will usually not change a medication in less than a month, unless you are just not able to function on the current medication. But, again, that is something to discuss with your physician.

Good luck.



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Welcome to the club . . .

Hiya Kubert,

     From what you described above, the Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) and all the rest, you are now a dues paying member of the Chronic Pain (CP) community. You will find in it a release from all of the extra pain that will be constantly heaped upon you by the painless. God is a good thing, Dr.s are helpful, but the pain will probably be there forever. From me, there is no dosage strength, let alone a drug, that will erase your pain. What you are being Rx'ed now, the Opana and (yuck yuck) Tramadol aren't going to touch what you have. On the other hand, all the drugs in the world won't leave you totaly painless. I have found that just talking with others in the same boat helps me the most.

I have tapered myself off of almost 80% of my highest dosage strength (Equivalent to 1,500 mg oral Oxycodone per day) just so I would be able to drive my wife to her surgeries this year. An interesting thing occurred though, I found that my pain was just the same gritch as it always is but now I can do more because I'm not in an opioid fog. Pretty great as far as I'm concerned. I do hope that you find a Dr. that will Rx you something a little stronger though because every metabolism is different, you might just find something that masks enough of your pain that you will be able to live a somewhat normal life . . . Q

lost in pain
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thank you for the run down

           mrbrandman  that was a great why to put it for the new ones like me !

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FINALLY. I'm so glad to find this site. I'm a pain patient and began noticing HUGE differences in generic oxycodone brands. It is "not all in my head". Now I need to process all this information. Just wanted to introduce myself. and say THANK-YOU.