Pain Medication Guide - FAQ

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Good info

i did not know that grapefruit could do this ya never see that on a pill bottle but your right thxs for this info

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sedatives / sleep aids

You may want to add Serequel to that list as a sleep aid.  ;o)

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Wow, Mrbrand, you are working

Wow, Mrbrand, you are working your tail off on this huh?  (trying to get around the censor with "tail", LOL!).

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Hey, you missed Pristiq!  ;o)

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Sleep Rx

Restoril/Temazepam works wonders for insomnia. My old pain management doctor used to prescribe it for me and it was so effective, at least for me.

Awesome list, BTW. It was really nice of you to take the time to put that together.


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I do know a little about

I do know a little about pharmies. I won't claim to be the all-knowing guru of anything! Lol

That being said: I knew the content of this thread. Therefore, I feel confident in saying, "Well done!". This was quite in-depth. I can imagine the time it would take to do this. Believe that! Lol
A quick Q... Was this only US drugs? It prolly says so in the title, so I can look extra short-bus.

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This is a very useful guide to those that are a bit unfamiliar with these meds.  Thanks for posting this.  I recently switched my baseline med from the OC 80 to MS Contin 100.  Still taking the Oxy IR 30s for BT pain.

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Thank you...just my efforts

Thank you...just my efforts to be a posititve force here at Pharmer. I actually have information to add to my stickys, and I plan to continue to update every so often. I just have not had the time yet.

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Hey can add me

Hey can add me to the Opana ER members that LOVE and find the medication effective. Dilaudid too(although the dose has to be higher than 2mgs due to low bioavailability(the key thing about medications like dilaudid and morphineIR that have low bioavailability doesn't make them just need the dose adjusted...I find it to be excellent at 4-8mgs every 4-6 hours as needed).

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breakthrough pain

that was an excellent list and it was very informative. my baseline pm med is methadone along with gabapentin and naproxen sodium. im rx'd soma and sometimes flexeril or robaxin for a muscle relaxant. im rx'd alprozolam for gad (not for sleep) and amitryptiline(elavil 75mgs for "sleep") i didnt see this on the list i dont think....lastly,im rx'd immitrex,clonodine and fioricet for migraine along with promethazine. i know this is quite a list and i dont wanna sound ungrateful but i could really use an opiod bt med for occasional pain attacks...previous drs usually have no problem accomadating me in this matter but my current dr of 4 years says no. not with methadone as my baseline pain med. whenever i bring up my bt pain,he increases my amitryptiline(elavil) and just this last time he placed me on a ssri (prozac) why did he do this? im not looking for alot of a strong med....60 vicodin 5/500 or something along those lines would be ideal for the bt pain i suffer. can anyone give me any advice on how i can have my dr consider this option??  thx you!!!Laughing