Opioid Comparison

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I have Crohn's Disease, and

I have Crohn's Disease, and get colonoscopy's and endoscopy's frequently, and I can say that 500mcg is not an outrageous amount. The last scope I had my GI Dr gave me exactly 500mcg, and an unknown amount of Versed, and it never put me out, or even left me forgetful, as it was intended to do. It did make the test tolerable, and I did not feel any pain, just some discomfort. My GI Dr. said he had to give me as much sedation as 3 usual, non tolerant people.

I asked my Anesthesiologist about the high amounts of med's needed to sedate me, and he said it is not unusual for someone to need that much sedation, and each person's tolerance can very greatly.

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pee test

I just needed that info due to the possibity of a pee test, I dont take a mophine based product, I take oxycodone 30 and oxycontine 40 I happened to take a vicodine then was told it had morphine in it, this scared the &??$ out of me as i dont need to loose my meds, we all no how much suffering that causes, I need to no an easy flush as i see my dr tomorrow and you never no about the test, they are random. thank kat

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morphine isn't that strong OHH MY yes

I had 3 c-sections and that is what i had to kill the pain, i think it would have to be extremely strong to have your guts cut open and to have the baby delivered. I realize i was given the morphine  by intraveniously but afterwards i had the pills. I sure didn't feel any pain for 3 days until i was discharged.

fentanyl g
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no morphine


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Short version of my story..Ten years ago I did rehab for vics/percs and was clean up until 2 years ago after my dad died. I started to do recreational vics and lead to oc's.Have to stop, no question. Really nobody knows. I do have 2 friends that know and have their support. It isn't my mind anymore it's my body hurting that makes it hard to stop. I talk myself into "weeding" off but not working well. I am going to my regular physician in 2 days and will talk to him about it. I was hoping I could get some advice on how to discuss w/my dr. I have read alot about suboxone and am willing to do also do therapy but want to handle with my dr, friend support and myself

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anybody kno anything about the comparison about the new opana 30's?

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oxymorphone(opana) is 70

oxymorphone(opana) is 70 times more powerful that codeine and 7 times stronger than morphine.


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Opioid comparison chart

This is a fantastic resource. However, a few of the estimates are off, in my opinion. Hydromorphone is widely regarded as being 6-8 times as strong as morphine, while oxymorphone is around 10 times as potent. Tramadol is generally estimated as having about 20% the potency of morphine, although it depends very much on dose (according to the British Pain Society it can be classed as either a weak or strong opioid, depending on the dosage). Estimates of dihydrocodeine vary from source to source - some estimate it as being generally the same strength as codeine, others have it as twice as potent. It would be nice to see diamorphine ([filtered word]) added to the list, as it is still used in the UK. It is around 2-3 times the strength of morphine intravenously, but about equipotent when administered orally.

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Morphine is still the gold standard for pain relief. The dose of the other drugs may be lower per say. It is all in the dosing. All the terminally ill patience’s I have known die taking morphine.

On a different subject I had a colonoscopy's and endoscopy's and was giver 350 mcg of fentanyl and versed I cant recall how much and the caused me much pain and if I had known I would have taken 4 or 5 oxycodone. But 200 mg of demerol iv will knock me out like someone hit me in the head with a hammer. Just because it takes less mgs does not make it better you would just increase the morphine.


Just my opinion Sammy


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Someone may want to check

Someone may want to check this out, but I see Wikipedia sited as a source and I just went on that site to look up Carfentanil and it said it's 10,000 times stronger than Morphine, not 100,000 times stronger. Someone may want to do a little more research into that and update the chart if it is incorrect. It appeared that this was the case based off of a few other sites I looked at, but had to do some math because it compared it to other opioids on the chart.

There's also another medication called Sufentanil that belongs on the list underneath Carefentanil. From what I read it is the strongest pain reliever out there for use in humans. It is 5 to 10 times more potent than Fentanyl (or about 100-200 times more potent than Morphine). Also from what I read, Endo Pharmaceuticals are in the process of making a transdermal patch that is much like the Fentanyl patch, but you only have to change it once a week (which probably means more like every 5 days or so if it's like dosing for any other opioid).