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I have been on Adderall 20 mg IR twice a day for 5 and a half years. I have ADD. When the Dr. first put me on this med, it was like a miracle drug. Instantly, I could focus on reading and had motivation and an interest to do things I use to like to do but had not been able to do because of the fatigue and no motivation.

Before taking this med, I could read a magazine article that was a half page long and you could ask me a question about it and I could not even answer because I could not focus while reading. I would have to re-read the article at least 3 times to know what I had read.

I have always wanted to read the Bible all the way through but never did because of lack of focus. I set a goal to read it in one year. It took me 14 months to read it all the way through, but I was elated that I was able to focus plus I had motivation due to not being so fatigued all the time.

Now each AM when I first wake up I take Adderall 20mg and I feel like I am "stuck". I do not have any motivation to do anything, try to read a daily devotional and cannot focus on it, have to re-read it again to understand what I have just read and basically all I do is sit and do very little of anything. Four hours after the first dose of Adderall, I take the second one and about an hour after I take it, I feel "normal". I can focus on what I need to get done and I am able to function for the next 4-5 hours.

To anyone who takes this med, is it normal that after being on it for only 5 and a half years that it seems to not work as well as when you started taking it?  I read that 60 mg is usually the maximum dose to give. I am already on 40 mg. I do not want to have the dose increase to 60 mg, I think if I had 30mg in the AM dose, it would help me to get up and start functioning and then wait and take the 20mg dose maybe 5-6 hours later.

Does anyone think that an increase of 10 mg (total of 50mg per day) is too much? I am not looking to "get high or feel euphoric".
I never have got  "high" while taking this. It does give me the energy to get out of bed and be able to get things done that most people take for granted, i.e., shower, shampoo hair, house work, read, etc, but for about the last 6 months, it has all become a chore to me since the first dose doesn't seem to do anything.

Any advice is appreciated.


P.S. Quincy, I read your message the last time I posted on here and I appreciate your time and advice that you gave me. I'm sorry I didn't reply back, but I had alot of things going on at that time and wasn't able to reply back to you.  Please acccept my apology and know that I read it and thank you for sending it to me.

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Adderall 20mg IR

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The aging process in humans

The aging process in humans means that things that worked well for us in our younger ages, are not going to be as affective as in our later years. At your age now, although not over the hill by any means, the least ammount of meds you can take now, will be beneficial. We actually should need less medication stregnth as we age, as our bodies process things allot slower, and can cause toxic affects because the drug is on our systems longer then say, a healthy 20 yr old. A 50mg dosage might be okay for a younger person, but more dangerous for you. Also you may have other underlying conditions that you need to be screened for before any medication adjustment is done. Several things could be affecting your energy, and concentration level.

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I was told by a state police officer that anyone caught with adderall in their vehicle, without a valid prescription, would go to jail on a federal rap. I'm not going to say why. Mods feel free to PM me for more info.

In my layman's opinion, I don't think you should increase your dose. I realize you;ve taken this med for a long long time, but at this point, maybe changing to a different med, after discussing options with your doctor, may be something to consider.

Good luck, Change is never easy, but sometimes it helps.